James Devine (EN/EL)

Current Role and Responsibilities:

EN-EL/BT Electrical Engineer, Low Voltage


BE91: A new electrical substation in Prevessin for SPS life safety power provision, 18kV distribution and redundant low voltage supplies to the Cern Control Centre (CCC).

LHC Emergency Lighting study: Development and test of a new generation of radiation resistant LED emergency lights for use in the LHC tunnel.

AMS POCC: Electrical design for power distribution and site follow up for building 946.

Prior to joining CERN I worked on a number of large commercial projects as electrical design engineer including high rise offices and investment bank dealer floors, data centres, sports centre and swimming pools, school and university buildings, fire alarm detection design and solar panel installations.


Electrical design (HV and LV), electrical cable calculations to NF C 15-100, BS 7671, lighting design and calculation to BS/EN 5266. Custom luminaire design. Radiation resistant AC/DC converters. Project management. Engineering specifications. Diesel generators.

Personal interests:

Arduino, Programming/Hardware hacking, Cycling, Hiking, Guitar, Squash, Cooking, Robotics.

I am currently in charge of the Robotics Section of the CERN Micro Club. We meet on Wednesday evenings in the Micro Club hut (567), if you are interested please drop me a line.


Last update: 7 Mar 2016

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