Frank Berghaus (EP/UAT)

When Frank was a teenager his uncle gifted him a series of illustrated science books. Frank devoured these books propelling him to the top of his math and science classes. Frank’s grandfather, was the financial director of DESY, the particle physics laboratory in Hamburg. This connection guided Frank to an enthusiasm for fundamental science at an early age. Frank very much enjoys video games. Frank and his friends organized many LAN parties during high school and university. By running these LAN parties Frank gained a computing background while perusing his studies in physics and mathematics.

Particle physics was not the first thing on Frank’s mind when he started his studies. In fact, at the time he was much more interested in chemistry and astronomy. Frank’s undergraduate supervisor, Prof. Adam Sarty of Saint Mary’s University, stirred Frank’s interest in accelerator based physics. He commenced on this path building a robot arm to calibrate the near detector of a neutrino experiment (K2K) in Japan. Upon completing his masters Frank found the the LHC a year from first beams, so he was excited to start a PhD project with the ATLAS experiment. Because of the accident in 2008, Frank spend his year at CERN playing with the detector and reconstruction software. Only after his supervisor, Prof. Michel Lefebvre, told him that it was about time he graduated did he get back to doing physics analysis.

Recognizing that he had fun working on the software and computing of the ATLAS experiment, Frank chose to work on research computing after receiving his PhD. First he worked with the high energy physics computing group at the University of Victoria. With this excellent group he implemented cloud based computing solutions for the ATLAS and Belle II experiments. He left the group for a CERN Fellowship. At CERN Frank is working on preserving the data of the particle physics community in general and of the CERN experiments in specific.

When Frank escapes the warm glow of his computer screen he likes to explore the outdoors, travel the cities of Europe, and play games. After moving to Geneva Frank found some great connections through his hobbies: the CERN SCUBA club to dive the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, his girlfriend and a fantastic group of polish climbers to explore the French, Swiss, and Italian alps, and a great tribe of gamers in Lausanne to play role playing games with.


Last update: 24 Oct 2017

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