Jacqueline Cherie Hayes (IT/DI)

Jacqui was one of those kids: she collected fossils, she put posters up on her wall of galaxies, and her teen crush was deceased physicist Richard Feynman. So it came as no surprise to anyone, then, when she chose to study physics and math after high school. During her final year at the University of Sydney, she studied the photonic crystals found on butterfly wings, buying the beautiful creatures from all over the world to rip off their wings in the name of science. She entered the world of journalism after an internship at Australian science magazine Cosmos, and then studied for a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication at the Australian National University in Canberra. The diploma, nicknamed the ‘Science Circus’, takes 16 students on the road around Australia to perform shows about science in rural and remote communities, to let off water rockets, explode balloons and make kids’ hair stand on end (using electricity, of course). She also made short films for high-school physics students, before working full-time at Cosmos magazine, eventually becoming deputy editor and online editor. During her time, the team won Magazine of the Year (2009), broadcast messages from the public to the nearest Earth-like planet,  Gliese 581d, and the website won people's choice for best online magazine from the British Institute of Physics. She recently moved from her home town of Sydney to Geneva to take up the position as European Editor of iSGTW, and is currently looking for an underwater rugby team.

Last update: 19 Sep 2011

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