Julian Calo (Other)

Went to school in Argentina, and the USA, and to university in Spain and the UK. Done many interesting jobs since 13 years of age, and lived/worked in France for two years. Now coordinator of international arts programme Arts@CERN.


Arts@CERN is CERN's official engagement with the arts: arts.cern
As Coordinator of Arts@CERN, I carry out the communication of the programme, including press releases, monthly newsletters, website content, social media, and documentation. Iʼm in charge of liaising with external partners regarding the different annual competitions.  I'm responsible for organizing the artists experience in the science labortaory. I coordinate and market events, and I take care of the administrative tasks it all involves. 

Being part of CERN, and responsible for binding arts and science, and experiencing its evolution first hand, is brilliant. It is very exciting to work in a visionary, mind- blowing programme like Arts@CERN, colliding the best art with the best science.


Last update: 1 Jun 2017

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