Mariana Moreira (BE/ABP)

Mariana is pursuing a PhD in Engineering Physics in the field of plasma wakefield acceleration, under the supervision of Jorge Vieira (GoLP), Bernhard Holzer (CERN) and Patric Muggli (CERN) in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon. Mariana was born in Lisbon in 1993. Though currently based at CERN, she obtained her MSc degree in Engineering Physics at IST. The MSc thesis topic focused on the AWAKE experiment, which is a proof-of-principle experiment for proton-driven plasma wakefield acceleration, and was supervised by Jorge Vieira. Before that, Mariana obtained a BSc degree in the same field of study from the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), having simultaneously acquired some experience as a lab assistant and teaching assistant at TUB, and as an undergraduate student at CERN.

Last update: 27 Aug 2019

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