Ryan Bodenstein (EP/UIS)


PhD from University of Virginia in 2012. PhD research occurred at Jefferson Lab in the Center for the Advanced Study of Accelerators (CASA) group. Primary work was on operationally-oriented beam dynamics, including multipass steering as well as beamline characterization and tuning of the CEBAF machine.

Research Fellow at the Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP), part of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Daejeon, South Korea. Here, I designed the LEBT for a rare isotope accelerator which is presently under construction. I also designed the LEBT for the test facility.


Current Events:

I am a Project Associate based at CERN, but my home institution is the University of Oxford. I am part of the Linear Collider Collaboration, with most of my work supporting the CLIC project, but some in support of the ILC.

In Oxford/CERN, I am part of the Feedback On Nanosecond Timescales (FONT) group. My work focuses on three main aspects: 1. IP Feedback simulations for ground motion luminosity recovery for CLIC and ILC, 2. Beam delivery system tuning simulations for CLIC, and 3. CLIC 380 GeV post-collision line simulations (just beginning).


Last update: 30 Mar 2019

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